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State: Gujarat


Start Time: 27-01-2022 16:47:45

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Dear AOS member,
As you all know, our friend & SSS AOS member Dr. Jaladhi Parikh has left for heavenly abode recently.

As per the policy of SSS AOS , the DFC ( death fraternity contribution) amount to be given to the nominee ( Dr. Beenaben J. Parikh) is 3,39,750/-.

This cheque was handed over to Dr. Beenaben in presence of Dr. Amit Patel , Dr. Bhavik Zala, Dr. Ashish Saxena & Dr. Jagdish Rana.

Dear Friends,

*"Life is known for its uncertainties. And Unfortunate events and accidents mostly come unannounced. This may have irreversible impact on our life & may leave our loved ones bereaved."*

So, *let's join our own SSS AOS to provide care & support to our family members in case of unfortunate demise*.

SSS AOS Membership Link

Unique Features of Our SSS AOS..

  • - Only SSS...Social security scheme which allows members to join up to 65 yrs of age.

  • - Spouse of AOS members can also join the scheme as "a associate member" with the same benefits.

  • - No fixed yearly premium like L. I. C.
    DFC amount is to be paid only in case of a unfortunate demise of a SSS AOS Member.

Plz feel free to contact anyone of us if needed.

Thanking you,

Yours brotherly,
Dr. Amrutbhai Patel, Chairman.
Dr. Amit Shah, President.
Dr. Mariam Mansuri, Vice president.
Dr. Jagdish Rana, Executive secretary.
Dr. Bhavik Zala, Joint Secretary.
Dr. Amit Patel, Treasurer.
Dr. Ashish Saxena, Committee member.
Dr. Hitesh Ramanuj, Committee member.
Dr. Somesh Aggarwal, Committee member.
Dr. Rakesh Patel, Committee member.
Dr. Udayan Patel, Committee member.

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